Briefly in English

Meidän lakimies (Our lawyer / My lawyer) is your personal lawyer in legal disputes and your company´s reliable advisor in everyday business.

Our goal is to make the step to contact a lawyer as low as possible. For You or a company CEO it shall be easy to contact a familiar guy, who You can trust and in is like one of your personnel, Meidän lakimies replies to this need!

Meidän lakimies has several years’ experience in various legal fields. We are specialized in litigation (civil and criminal), contracts and employment law. We don´t take a case we can´t handle.

E-mail us in case you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"For several years It has been really nice to work with a lawyer who constantly over performs and under invoices."
-Tommi Ullgrén, CEO, Cloudee Oy

”In complicated trouble, our family got weighted advice and winning result!"
Janne K., Porvoo